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When a Tech Hiatus is in Order

When a Tech Hiatus is in Order
I'm doing this backward. I get it. I'm writing about a tech hiatus after the fact, but I've dug deep and realized that I am likely not alone in this. Others may benefit from my special brand of crazy. So, here goes.

I was tired.

It's such a simple sentence, but it's profound in meaning. I was tired of being wired. I was heading for burnout and needed an intervention. So many surface-level connections and not enough deep meaning and learning. Thankfully, I'm my own best advocate, and I realized that the person who needed to jerk the plug from the wall was the bleary-eyed brunette staring back at me in the mirror.

To be real, I couldn't completely disengage from all things technology. I'm a technology integrationist and instructional coach by trade, and I like my paycheck. That said, I know when ancillaries need the ax. I started chopping. But first, let me explain a little of what got me to the point of being an ax-wielding…

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