ISTE 2016 Live: Kaizena

Making my list....checking it twice...

While I'm not Santa, I certainly do feel like I'm in the midst of an Ed Tech Christmas, as I sit here basking in the sun overlooking the gorgeous Colorado Rockies in Denver for ISTE 2016. There are already so many people bustling around checking out presentations and poster sessions that intrigue them. I started the morning with a meeting to learn more about the new features of Kaizena, a student feedback site and iOS app. Admittedly, I'm very excited about what this means for the teachers back in my school in Rock Valley, Iowa!

For those of you new to Kaizena, it's a relatively recent addition to ed tech and my toolkit. It was marketed, originally, as a way to give verbal feedback to students. However, it's so much more than that. Once I dug into Kaizena, I saw that it was a quality venue to give meaningful feedback in a wide variety of ways. I was fortunate enough to have a scheduled meeting to speak with Edward, of Kaizena, this morning at the Blogger's Cafe and see a demo. He was also able to show me some newly developed tools that are coming to Kaizena users very soon.

Some of the key features that promise to be incredibly useful to teachers:
* common responses to students saved as "lessons" and can be used again and again
* easy microphone recording allows students to hear your feedback in your voice (time saver!)
* available app for iOS allows for phone uploads and feedback
* embed videos viewable and links to help resources directly into student feedback
* watch embedded videos directly within the app/website
* students can respond to your feedback in a chat-like conversation
* students and teachers are notified through emails/notifications when there is a response that needs to be viewed
* students can make "got it" when they've viewed and understood the feedback
* create rubric-like scoring called Skills, and tie it to highlighted text. COMING SOON- aggregated results to help you best score an overall assignment
*COMING SOON- Google Classroom integration will automatically run turned-in assignments through Kaizena for feedback.

These features and more are coming to Kaizena in time for the 2016-2017 school year! If you're at ISTE, I encourage you to check them out and ask for a demo. Download the Kaizena app or go to I promise you won't regret it! You're welcome....



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