Well, here we go...

Let me preface the start of this blog by telling you that Three Minutes to Pee is a collection of the day-to-day insanity I deal with as a mother and a teacher (actually Technology Integrationist--but I'll explain that little sweetheart another time).

I've been semi-bullied into starting this blog by my friends who tell me "I just have to start a blog!" or "I hope you're writing this down somewhere".  So, I've guilted myself into sucking more time out of my life for said endeavor.

The name is actually brutally simple.  I have no "free time".  That joke of a saying ended years ago with the birth of my first.  Three cherubs, a dog, a husband, and countless other things keep me from having moments to myself. I haven't eaten, used the bathroom, watched tv, read a book or any of life's other simple pleasures by myself without interruption in 16 years.  I've learned to embrace it.  This coupled with our school's three minute passing periods leads me to my title...the story of my life...Three Minutes to Pee.

So, join me as I take a sometimes cynical, sometimes Hallmark-y (it's a word because I said so) look at my little slice of crazy town.  What the heck....here we go...


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