Everyday a Little Better

You wanna know something?  I despise New Years resolutions.  In the land of unrealistic social media posts where I see constant reminders of who I am not, I have found myself succumbing to feelings of inadequacy.   (No, I don't make homemade Playdough or whittle tiny wooden trinkets with my children.)  Have you felt that way, too? Well, guess what?!  It's time for us to get over it!

This year, we focus on what we do and do well and make the honest effort to get better every day. Every. Single. Day.  One new tech tool each month, a revamped lesson plan that makes your kids think more critically, a new way to connect with that one kid who is trying desperately to stay under the radar.  Something.  Anything that makes you a better teacher than you were yesterday.  (For additional ideas, check out Edutopia's list of great ideas for 2014 here).

Ella- My bedazzled Ice Capade Princess
So, as I enjoy my last days of break, am I worried about the fact that my daughter is dressed like a bedazzled member of the Ice Capades? Nope.  Am I bothered by the three large bags of Christmas rubble still awaiting the garbage man?  Negative.   I am instead enjoying my three kids who are 16, 11, and 7 creating vast dynasties of awesomeness, together, via Minecraft when it's too cold to venture outside.  I find them playing hide and seek in reality and virtually.  All the while, I'm secretly plotting lesson ideas for infusing Minecraft further into curriculum where it helps meet standards and create critical thinkers.  I am gonna kick some teaching and tech integrating bootay!  Join me.  Whether you're a complete tech-newbie or a seasoned tech-wizard, I guarantee there will be something here for you.

Repeat after me.... "Each day better than the last."  Mean it.  And we'll stop beating ourselves up over Pinterest ideas we could be recreating, but won't.  Although those homemade dog treats do look fun...


  1. Love your outlook! Can't wait to read more! Each days IS a chance to learn and do ...

  2. Thanks, Melissa. It is a wonderful journey! I look forward to sharing about what I do and hearing comments from others in the trenches!


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