Start of Something Good

New year, new ideas, a refreshed body and soul.  What better time to jump on this blogging bus, tech ticket in hand, ready to share what's happening in the life of this Technology Integrationist.

I get a lot of "What's that?" and "You do what?" when I am asked what I do for a living.  Simply put, I help teachers integrate technology into their lessons when it makes it the BEST way to achieve a standard (think Common Core) or goal of the classroom teachers.  My school district is incredible.  Awesome, in fact.  Perhaps it is just like a mother with her children who believes that hers are the epitome of all children everywhere.  However, what I do know is that I work with some of the most dedicated, hard-working, patient, creative (yada, yada....) people on the planet.  We are making kids think deeper than they ever have before.  We are providing opportunities for learning that have a community and global impact, and we are currently in the process of adding an entire STEM wing onto our existing building.  We also have a pretty sweet set-up of technology tools.  For people like me who find sheer joy in figuring out the inner workings of an iPad or uncovering "the next big thing" in content creation, this is fantastic.  But--to be honest-- you can hand any good teacher a cardboard box, pipe cleaners, and some ribbon and he or she will make it rock....and kids will learn...and kids will have fun while doing it.  Make the most of what you have and you, my friend, will rock too!

I must tell you, however, that I have a mantra.  A mantra I believe in with all my heart.  "It's not about the technology; it's about the learning!"  That being said, when I do post about technology integration on the blog, you'll read a lot about the tool or app I used.  Not only that, but you'll read about the celebrations, the tear-your-hair-out moments, the "I can't believe I really get paid to do something this sweet" moments, and everything in between.  These are notes from the trenches.  A place to not only find great websites or apps, but a place where the learning meets technology in a gloriously sizzling rumba so well-choreographed you can't possibly separate them.

This is the start of something good!  Are you ready?


  1. I agree that it is about the learning and using whatever you need to get there!


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